This solution can help you: 
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Automate risk assessment processes
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Schedule and distribute risk assessments to various stakeholders
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Maintain a central repository of risks and controls that can be assigned to multiple business units and owners
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Associate risks and review in context of authoritative sources, policies or relevant issues
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Customize scoring and calculation of inherent and residual risk
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View risks in historical context of associated issues and losses

Risk Assessments and Controls Libraries

Unlike many other technology vendors, risk assessments comes complete with several risk and controls libraries specifically designed for the financial services industry that can be used as both a starting point for assessments and as a benchmark throughout the risk management process. These libraries contain standard risks and controls for regulations and standards. Each risk and control contains a pre-existing taxonomy of function, activity, process, risk category, and a linked authoritative source which allows users to report on overall risk by multiple angles across the enterprise.
Compliance Risk and Controls Assesment
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Consistently measure your company’s inherent and residual risks
OneSumX for Compliance Program Management

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