Lippincott® has been a trusted voice in nursing for decades — ever since we published the very first nursing textbook. Created for nurses by nurses, Lippincott® Solutions bridges the gap between knowledge and experience by providing instant access to the information that direct-care staff need for daily practice and to grow clinical competency.

Today we are helping nurse educators meet their biggest challenges with evidence-based content that promotes excellence in professional practice and clinical autonomy.

8 ways Lippincott does things differently


High-touch, personalized customer support

Optimize your investment with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will help you — from implementation planning through go-live and training. Long after launch, your CSM will provide usage analytics and ensure you’re maximizing your ROI.


Evidence-based content

Give direct-care staff up-to-date information for clinical decision support. We cite and synthesize multiple sources from various accrediting bodies, leading professional organizations and other publishers to deliver unbiased, current information.

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Turnkey integration with mission-critical systems

Seamlessly integrate Lippincott with existing systems, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Policy Management Systems (PMS), including turnkey integration with PolicyStatTM, NetLearning® and Relias.


Interoperability that eliminates manual updates

Support clinical decisions and avoid broken links in LMS, PMS and EMR systems. Lippincott Solutions is also interoperable with other Wolters Kluwer solutions, eliminating the need to manually update links to content in other systems.


Full customizability for organizational needs

Customize Lippincott Solutions to your organization’s nursing policies and procedures. Add notes or checklists or assign procedures by facility or job title. Retain access to the most current version of a procedure no matter the customizations.


Continuing Education and Magnet® support

Foster lifelong learning with 2,800+ CE opportunities for nurses and allied health professionals. Lippincott also supports Magnet® requirements through ongoing professional development, nurse certification review courses and license renewal programs.


Orientation and onboarding for all levels

Provide targeted nursing staff education and orientation quickly, efficiently, consistently — and even remotely. Lippincott® Blended Learning helps onboard new graduates or experienced hires with its customizable, evidence-based courseware and tools.

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Multiple permission tiers for content changes

Specify who is authorized to draft, edit, publish and customize nursing procedures. Lippincott Solutions’ five levels of administrative access and permissions let teams or committees create content or draft changes prior to the approval process.

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