Lippincott has been a trusted voice in nursing for over 145 years — ever since we published the very first nursing textbook. Created for nurses by nurses, Lippincott® Solutions Australia bridges the gap between knowledge and experience by providing instant access to the procedures and clinical decision support that nurses need to build clinical competency and deliver exceptional patient care.

Today, we are helping nurse leaders and educators meet their biggest challenges with evidence-based content that promotes excellence in professional practice and the standardisation and optimisation of patient-centred care.

6 ways Lippincott does things differently

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Localised to support standardisation

Ensure a consistent approach to patient care with Lippincott Solutions Australia, tailored to local healthcare needs. Give nurses a single source for the latest evidence, best practices, procedures, and clinical decision support to provide exceptional patient care.

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Partnerships to advance local nursing practices 

Gain access to localised clinical decision support content and procedures developed in partnership with the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) and the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) to advance Australia’s nursing practice and improve patient outcomes.

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High-touch, personalised customer support 

Get the most out of your investment with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will help you — from implementation planning through go-live and training. Your CSM will continue to provide analytics to ensure you realise return on your investment.

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Evidence-based content

Give your nurses and clinicians up-to-date information for clinical decision support. We synthesise and cite evidence from accrediting bodies, leading professional organisations, and other publishers to deliver unbiased, current information.


Fully customisable for organisational needs

Customise Lippincott Solutions Australia to your organisation’s nursing policies and procedures. Add notes or checklists or assign procedures by facility or job title. Retain access to the most current version of a procedure as well as customisations.

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Multiple permission tiers for content changes

Specify who is authorised to draft, edit, publish, and customise nursing procedures. Lippincott Solutions Australia has five levels of administrative access and permissions so teams or committees can create content or draft changes before the approval process.

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