The Lippincott® Solutions Customer Success Team is focused on your success.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to ensuring your organization’s successful implementation and adoption of Lippincott Solutions through onboarding, advocacy and support, and organizational health monitoring.

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive can answer any questions you may have related to your current product or any product in the Lippincott Solutions suite.

CSMs are your champions.


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Onboarding and implementation

How we partner with your organization to onboard and launch Lippincott Solutions products:

  • Define Business Objectives, Goals, and Priorities for a successful launch
  • Use Basecamp® to document implementation progress, share best practices, and complete milestones
  • Ensure Lippincott Solutions is thoroughly integrated with clinical applications
  • Train Administrators and General Users


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Advocacy and support

As you grow and evolve, we’ll work with you to meet your changing needs and priorities.

  • Liaise on your behalf with our product team for strategic development
  • Partner with you to ensure easy integration and access via additional clinical systems
  • Coordinate with Lippincott Solutions Support to facilitate product escalations to resolution


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Health monitoring

Meet with you regularly to review overall customer health and discuss product enhancements.

  • Wellness check-ins
  • Monitor analytics and usage trends
  • Provide customer resources to increase utilization
  • Review overall customer health

Get your training needs met.

From your initial implementation and adoption to ongoing training and future expansion, we invite you to leverage our training resources to help ensure your organization’s success.

About Customer Success

The Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) goal is customer satisfaction: Our Lippincott Solutions CSMs make customers feel more like they are part of a team than merely another subscriber. We realize that the benefit of a long-term relationship is mutual. This sense of partnership will not only benefit our customers but offer an opportunity to collaborate on feature enhancements and content additions for Lippincott. We want to hear your feedback and gather your input so that we can better serve our community not only for today but also for the future. Each year, our customers can build on the knowledge base they have attained using our products, while Lippincott can reinvest your feedback into our product roadmap.

  • Initial configuration and project management support
  • Technical and system access confirmation
  • Roll-out strategy and ongoing support
  • Best-practice consultation
  • Customization recommendations
  • Access at point-of-care/mobile access
  • Planning and training coordination
  • Usage strategies and analysis

Technical Support

Note: When contacting Customer and Technical Support for assistance regarding Lippincott Procedures, please provide the information from the following site to them:

Technical questions

Call 1-844-303-4860 (international 1-301-223-2454) or email [email protected].

To access the product demos, contact a Lippincott Solutions sales representative to obtain user credentials that will allow you to log in and view the demo of your choice.

General sales and product questions

Call 1-855-695-5070 or email [email protected].

  • Monday–Thursday | 8 AM to 12 AM EST
  • Friday | 8 AM to 7 PM EST
  • Sunday | 4 PM to 12 AM EST

Call 1-877-247-6843.

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