Prepare your students for clinical excellence

With Lexicomp, students access original evidence-based drug content, interactive tools, and expert guidance produced with unparalleled editorial rigor.

With this deeper level of knowledge at their fingertips, students are empowered in their decision-making for years to come. They can easily learn from concise discussions on dosing as well as significant therapy-related issues, such as place in therapy, therapy duration, and titration recommendations with guidelines and references provided. Adverse effects are not simply listed — significant considerations are highlighted and discussed in more detail. And, with the ability to search in your own language, non-native English-speaking students can better and faster align search results with their questions.

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Pharmacy schools

Lexicomp is highly regarded by practicing pharmacists, in hospital and retail settings alike. Pharmacy students will be better prepared for their careers — regardless of the professional path they choose after graduation.

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Nursing and medical schools

With Lexicomp, nursing and medical students quickly find trusted answers to their drug questions that they can put into practice right away. During residencies and thereafter, nurses often turn to Lexicomp for its best-in-class Trissel's IV Compatibility tool, drug administration and handling notes, and patient education leaflets.

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Dental medicine schools

With Lexicomp for Dentistry, students can quickly find information about the effects of medication on bleeding and how to check for possible dangerous interactions with anesthesia. Lesion diagnosis tools are also available.

Ideal for flexible learning environments
Whether on campus, online, volunteering, or in practicum, Lexicomp is always fully accessible. Students find deeper guidance for preparation and administration, including valuable clinical insights, and they can better learn and support personalized medicine with pharmacokinetics and separate dosing sections on kidney and hepatic dysfunction, obesity, pediatrics, women’s health, and geriatrics. Together with the drug-interaction tool, students are empowered to deliver whole-person care.
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My go-to resource for dosing recommendations, especially for critically ill patients, is Lexicomp. It’s the most current drug reference you can find right now.
Bruce Mueller, PharmD, FCCP, FASN, FNKF
Student pharmacists used one to three mobile apps at least a few days a week. Lexicomp was the most commonly used.
Journal of Pharmacy Technology
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Equip your students with the latest evidence
As leaders in education, you’re entrusted with developing the clinicians of the future. With coordinated clinical decision support from UpToDate and drug information solutions from Lexicomp – both used and trusted by clinicians around the globe, you can expand your students' education and best prepare them for clinical practice.
Empower future healthcare professionals with a deeper level of drug information
Be ready to deliver best care everywhere with Lexicomp, the preferred drug information reference for many clinicians.
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