Providing drug decision support unique for your patient

Globally, medication errors are all too common, with an associated cost estimated by the World Health Organization to be $42 billion1. More importantly, these errors can have severe negative impacts on patients.

Benefits of patient-specific medication

As you seek to improve quality of care, we are committed to providing drug decision support that helps you and your team reduce unwanted variation in care. Lexicomp continuously evolves to provide the latest evidence-based content, and we do so in a way that allows clinicians to treat each patient based on their individual medical needs.

Actionable dosing guidance

Lexicomp is designed to help clarify the decision-making process through access to actionable resources so that users can quickly get the answers they seek, even for patients with complex medical conditions. Our multidisciplinary expert team of authors and editors provides evidence-based guidelines and expert guidance to support clinicians even in nuanced situations such as difficult dosing decisions.

Expanded dosing content

Lexicomp goes beyond the standard drug information to provide depth where it matters most, working with respected subject matter experts and clinical leaders to provide more sophisticated guidance to support specific patient populations, co-morbidities, pregnancy, and more. For example, our expanded renal dosing guidance, developed by renowned leaders in the field, helps clinicians make decisions for patients with renal impairment. Lexicomp also provides detailed evidence that allows clinicians to be more precise in dosing decisions for patients who have other conditions or factors in their profile that affect drug disposition, such as obesity or bariatric surgery. This level of detail and unparalleled commitment by the editorial team gives clinicians more confidence in their dosing decisions, addresses drug cost concerns, and, most importantly, helps improve drug treatment for each unique patient.

Pharmacogenomics: Advanced Content and Personalized Recommendations

To empower you to take a more patient-specific approach that can promote positive outcomes, Lexicomp provides advanced content on evolving topics like pharmacogenomics. Lexicomp contains detailed, extensively referenced gene-based monographs and drug-gene summary monographs that provide specific testing and patient management recommendations. These cover recognized clinically actionable guidelines and employ a proprietary evidentiary rating, which gives you a more robust perspective on the overall clinical importance of genetic testing. The specialized editorial team for this content is dedicated to pharmacogenomics and continues to reflect the latest content available, such as anticancer agents and other therapeutics whose use depends on testing for a particular biomarker like HER2 or EGFR. With the Lexicomp team synthesizing research for you, you can save time and make well-informed decisions for your patients.

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