ELM Solutions Legal Holds
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ELM Solutions Legal Holds is an intuitive, easy-to-use module for Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° that automates your legal holds process to reduce organizational risk.

With ELM Solutions Legal Holds, you can:

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Drive operational efficiencies and execution speed to issue, release, and track legal holds in your organization

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Track key performance metrics with reporting that gives you visibility and transparency into your legal holds process

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Unify disparate processes and integrate seamlessly with Passport or TyMetrix 360°

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Eliminate the need to manage spreadsheets and other manual processes by fully automating custodian notifications, acknowledgements, reminders and escalations

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Attain compliance assurance by tracking, and continually monitoring custodian notifications and responses in a real-time, repeatable way that is well defined and auditable

Robust functionality across the four key domains of legal holds


Managing custodians; archiving, restoring, and deleting legal holds; assigning proxies and identifying confidential holds


Day-to-day management of legal holds processes, including custodian acknowledgements, proxy acknowledgements, confidential holds, and escalations


Full integration with Passport and TyMetrix 360° matter management for an intuitive and consistent user experience. Integrates with other third-party external systems.

Management reporting

Auditing tools to confirm compliance, monitor custodian responses, and employment status changes and track key performance metrics

eBook: There's a Better Way to Manage Legal Holds
Whether you’re using a fully-featured e-discovery solution, relying on manual processes like spreadsheets, or are somewhere in between, every company must have a strategy to manage its legal holds process.
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