Helping You to Address Care Gaps

People don’t know where they have care gaps. Yet, their preventative health and your quality performance depend on closing them. Connecting with patients and tackling that challenge is a specialty of ours.

Never has addressing care gaps efficiently been more important. As we seek a new normal for care delivery, your ability to manage routine care and screenings will be tested.

Emmi’s interactive call campaigns reach people quickly and easily, collect critical information and connect them to services – improving your HEDIS scores, Star ratings and quality goals.

video screen - University Hospitals
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University Hospitals

University Hospitals discuss how Emmi technology, informed by behavioral science principles, personalizes patient outreach and fosters new patient behaviors in ways that are important to University Hospitals, including the increase in preventative screenings they are seeing as a result.

“We’re beginning to see changes in areas we care about like consistent screenings for health prevention and we’re getting an increased number of those screenings occurring.”

- Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO, UH Hospitals

Featured Campaigns

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit 

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Diabetes Eye Exam

graphic of cutaway of eye


graphic of blood pressure numbers and blood vessel

Well Child Check

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Diabetes Office Visit

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How it Works

Patient cohorts, identified by your gap in care reporting, EMR or analytics platforms are all we need to quickly and efficiently trigger outreach.

Our scalable call campaigns are easily configured to your workflow needs and your scheduling capacity, with results you can measure nearly immediately.