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We provide the support so you can focus on partnering with patients to optimize their care.

Emmi offers concierge-level service. Our dedicated team will design and execute a personalized implementation plan based on your subscription, needs and objectives. We stay involved to ensure that programs are being used effectively.

The team partners with your organization to tackle:

  • Technical configuration
  • System integrations (if applicable)
  • Clinical workflow and training
  • Reporting, monitoring and optimization

We work to ensure that our solution will work in your world.

3610 implementations
One of my favorite things about working with Emmi is it is really a partnership. I give the team direction and they keep the plan on track. I trust them to execute and they make it very easy for my team.
Michelle Calderon-Johns, Esq. VP, Insurance Operations, IU Health
video screen - client story Value of Emmi
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Client stories: Emmi helps patients and providers
Hear why Emmi is preferred by health systems focused on patient engagement to help improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare leaders from University Hospitals, Priority Health, and UAB Medicine discuss the unique strengths of Emmi programs and the resulting impact on fostering new patient behaviors while delivering workflow efficiency.

You are special, but you are not unique

We’ve completed thousands of successful deployments unique to each organizations’ goals, culture and needs. We approach every implementation with the benefit of both experience and flexibility.

We will provide best practices, lessons learned and guidance. And, we seek input from organization-wide constituencies to develop a customized project plan. While we will drive that plan, your leadership goals, direction and support, will be central to your success.
video preview - UAB Benjamin Taylor
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Client story: UAB Medicine
Hear members of Priority Health discuss how Emmi reaches patients in ways that are meaningful to them, resulting in changed patient behaviors and saved staff time.

“We really believe in engaging with our patients and a way to monitor and keep track of how they’re doing once they leave the hospital. Emmi really helps us do that in ways that we really weren’t able to do before.”
– Benjamin Taylor, MD, MPH, SVP Clinical Effectiveness and Associate Chief Medical Officer, UAB Medicine

Integration to fit your needs

Emmi partners with customers to provide:

  • Seamless workflow integration.
  • Scalability so that as your business goals and priorities shift, your patient engagement solution can adapt to your new requirements.
  • Flexibility to handle any platform, system or agenda. Emmi can provide you with white-labeling customization as desired.
video screen - client story Priority Health
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Client story: Priority Health

Hear members of Priority Health discuss how Emmi reaches patients in ways that are meaningful to them, resulting in changed patient behaviors and saved staff time.


“The beauty of Emmi, from our vantage point, is that it’s easy for staff to use.”
– John Fox, MD, Medical Director, Priority Health

Typical project timeline

video screen - University Hospitals
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Client story: University Hospitals

University Hospitals members discuss how Emmi technology, informed by behavioral science principles, personalizes patient outreach and fosters new patient behaviors in ways that are important to University Hospitals, including the increase in preventative screenings they are seeing as a result.


“The thing it does is enable patients to be better consumers, to be smarter about what’s happening, and put in a way that you can digest, that’s friendly to you as a patient and ease you through that so that your expectations are aligned to what you’re likely to see.”
– Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO, UH Hospitals

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