Make a change while keeping business intact
A business may change its name to better reflect its values, improve recognition, or to broaden its audience, among other reasons.

To do so, each state requires you to file Articles of Amendment so that its citizens can determine the rightful owner of the business. The filing also proves you have the requisite consent from others within your company.

What documents are required to amend my business name?

To change the legal name of your corporation, LLC, or nonprofit as specified in your original formation documents, you must file Articles of Amendment with your home state along with every state where you’re registered to do business.

When would I want to change my company’s name?

You may wish to change your name to reflect an expansion of your offerings or location, to appeal to a broader audience, or to be more contemporary. Or, you may change it to coincide with a business acquisition.

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*State fees are mandatory fees imposed by the state. 
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