Decisions about whether a company is “doing business” are made on a case-by-case basis, considering all the relevant facts. And, determining a company’s need to qualify as a foreign corporation in a state usually considers the cumulative effect of a corporation’s activities. This updated white paper by CT’s compliance experts discusses what is considered “doing business” and summarizes prior court decisions regarding selected types of activities. It provides a solid introduction to anyone who wants to better understand this complex and intricate area of corporate entity law.

Topics included

  • Interstate and Foreign Commerce vs. Intrastate Commerce
  • Isolated Transactions and Activities
  • Corporate Secondary Activities
  • Holding Interests in Resident Businesses
  • Contracting and Construction Activities
  • Credit Activities
  • Entertainment Activities
  • Leasing Activities
  • Manufacturing Activities
  • Performing Services
  • Property Ownership and Related Activities
  • Sales Activities
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