The ability to measure, predict, and influence business performance has never been more important for finance organisations. The Office of the CFO needs easy real-time access to trusted data and insights in a consistent manner. Relying on a single platform that unifies EPM for planning and control can align the organisation, empower better decision making, and transform the way they operate. 
This blueprint provides general information, guidance, and direction to implement a unified 
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform to support effective decision making through the Office of Finance using Wolters Kluwer CCH® Tagetik and SAP HANA®. It also helps establish the business case for the combined solution and guides you through the steps required to achieve a successful implementation. 
Download this blueprint which talks the following SAP’s Project Phases in detail: 

  • Ideation Phase: Discover a partner solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform that helps overcome a specific business challenge 
  • Planning Phase: Make decisions to prepare your organization for the implementation 
  • Implementation Phase: Act, and start completing the steps necessary for go-live 
  • Operation Phase: Understand what is required to run the solution 

Download the Blueprint

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