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Wolters Kluwer launches Merger Thresholds Monitor through collaboration with Granville Knowledge Management

The new tool will provide antitrust and competition legal professionals with access to a rich database of multi-jurisdictional merger control information.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has announced a partnership with Granville Knowledge Management (Granville KM) to integrate Merger Thresholds Monitor with Kluwer Competition Law. The addition of this next-generation solution offers antitrust and competition lawyers access to an exclusive source of best-in-class information on merger control thresholds worldwide.

The new tool is Wolters Kluwer’s latest enhancement to Kluwer Competition Law, the leading resource for EU, national and international competition law research that combines superior functionality with unmatched content. Through its partnership with Granville KM, Wolters Kluwer has further elevated Kluwer Competition Law’s wealth of resources, bringing the only source of dynamically updated and actively edited merger control information to the platform. Merger Thresholds Monitor allows for a far more efficient process to save practitioners time and resources and help drive increased client service delivery.

Tracking and following merger thresholds is a labour intensive but vital component of antitrust and competition law practitioners’ work, and we are pleased to offer a next-generation solution that will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of this workflow,” said David Bartolone, Vice President and General Manager for the International Group, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. “The addition of Merger Thresholds Monitor provides our customers with an unparalleled resource of knowledge and insight into one of the most complex issues facing antitrust and competition law practitioners today.”

“Merger Thresholds Monitor is a dynamic knowledge management solution, constantly updated by a senior competition lawyer working with local experts to provide the most accurate information available on merger control thresholds, procedural information, exchange rates, interpretation and guidance,” said Patrick Gorman, head of Granville Knowledge Management. “Our partnership with Wolters Kluwer will make these resources available on Kluwer Competition Law for a wide range of antitrust and competition lawyers.”

To learn more about Merger Thresholds Monitor on Kluwer Competition Law, visit:
Merger Thresholds Monitor

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