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Wolters Kluwer CEO Nancy McKinstry offers leadership insights in global Leaders on Purpose CEO Study

Wolters Kluwer CEO Nancy McKinstry participated in this year’s Leaders on Purpose CEO Study, which focuses on the leadership strategies, insights, attitudes, and opinions of CEOs as they relate to purpose-driven leadership and the role of business in society. The 2020 global study provides business leaders with insights and best practices for harnessing the power of purpose to support an organization’s growth, innovation, and contribution to a resilient rebuild. 

As the study notes, Nancy believes that the most diverse teams create the best results. She urges leaders to pay attention to “whose interests are included,” noting “diversity breeds diversity.” Wolters Kluwer also strives for an inclusive company culture, seeking to ensure that its workforce reflects the communities and customers it serves. Nancy emphasizes how diversity and inclusion have “created a platform for innovation,” stating that Wolters Kluwer’s ultimate priority is developing the most talented people, regardless of gender, background, or life preferences. Thanks to this focus, Forbes America recognized Wolters Kluwer as one of the Best Employers for Diversity in 2020 and one of Best Employers for Women in 2020.

On leadership

“As a leader, I think you have to find ways that you can create a vehicle so that the next generation of leaders can see their path forward.”

On purpose in times of crisis: “Our purpose is to help professionals deliver deep impact when it matters most. In these unprecedented times with COVID-19, we reinforce this purpose by sharing stories with employees from a customer perspective, and in the customers’ words. By reaffirming in the organization that what we’re doing everyday really matters to our customers, it has helped our employees stay strongly connected to that larger purpose.”

On the corporate culture, purpose, and the pandemic

“Experience matters more than ever,” Nancy explains, emphasizing that “previous crises have created a ‘crisis muscle’ in the company enabling it to deal, for instance, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Read the full global study and find more information on Leaders on Purpose

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