As Senior Medical Informaticist, Celeste supports the company’s Health Language solutions by focusing on providing harmonization and normalization services related to RxNorm, Medi-Span, and other terminologies. 

With over 20 years of experience in pharmacy and user training, Celeste is skilled in developing and delivering application end training to clients, and provides subject matter expertise support for all clients.

One of the biggest rewards of her profession is identifying solutions for clients surrounding challenges with managing data.

In her spare time, Celeste enjoys hiking, spending time with her two children, Connor and Finn, and with her two dogs.

She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Texas at Austin, and is ASHP Pharmacy Informatics certified. Celeste has also authored several published articles: “RxNorm: Addressing Medication Information Exchange”; “Are You Allergic to Messy Data?”; “Drugs making a mess of your data?”; “How Well is Your Organization Protecting Sensitive Patient Information?”; “The Strategic Role of Health Plans and Providers in the Opioid Battle”; and “More and Better Data: Partnering to Improve Clinical Outcomes” Co-presented with Eunice Jung, Biogen (Pharma Forum HIMSS February 2019).

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