How will the new EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation work?
LegalApril 04, 2023

White Paper: How will the new EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation work?

The new EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation - will apply in July 2023

The European Union's Foreign Subsidies Regulation (the FSR) entered into force in January 2023. On 12 July 2023, the majority of the new FSR will start to apply.

What is the EU Regulation for foreign subsidies?

The FSR constitutes a new investigatory review tool for the European Commission. It will focus on economic behaviour on the internal market by companies who received foreign subsidies from non-EU States. It will step next to the established competition, merger control, state aid, FDI and trade rules of the EU. The FSR will have a huge impact and has the possibility to seriously limit the business of third state funded companies in the EU.


How to prepare for the EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation?

Businesses and transaction lawyers should start to familiarize themselves with this new Foreign Subsidies Regulation, which will impact their ongoing business in the EU.

The White Paper: How to prepare for the EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation from Kluwer Competition Law gives an overview of the new systems and prepares readers for the necessary steps to be taken to get ready for investigations under the new system. Furthermore, experts of the field Lena Hornkohl, Jay Modrall, Rebecca Halbach, Emmanuelle Rogiest, Hanno Wollmann, Volker Weiss, Johannes Stalzer, Pablo Figueroa, Julia Martínez Böhme, Cormac O’Daly, Georgia Tzifa, Édouard Bruc, Alexandr Svetlicinii, Daniela Weerasinghe and Phil Baumann shed light on specific topics and their expectations.


The report is downloadable for free after filling up the form.

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