FinanceAugust 19, 2021

How Direct to Consumer streaming platforms are changing Film and Television

Calling all media & entertainment organizations!

OTT direct to consumer streaming services are changing more than just how people watch TV shows and movies.  These technological innovations are also changing the accounting principles governing capitalization and amortization of content to align with the economics of the changing content distribution methods. As media companies and studios transform their businesses to compete in this new world, their Ultimates, Budgeting, and Amortization software applications must transform too.

In this on demand webinar join Brennan Binford, PDG Consulting (a firm specializing in building applications for the Media and Entertainment Industry), as he reviews:

  • A summary of the guidance provided in FASB ASU 2019-02 "Improvements to Accounting for Costs of Films and License Agreements for Program Material" and the updates to ASC 926-20 (produced content).
  • Examples of some amortization methodologies and considerations when determining how to amortize produced film content in this changing industry.
  • The classification of titles into film groups and how this impacts impairment testing.

Brennan Binford, Managing Partner, PDG Consulting

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