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Tax & AccountingAugust 10, 2021

Use Predictive Analytics and Automation to Improve Your Client Communication


With the 09/15 and 10/15 deadlines just around the corner (and tax season on the horizon after that), it's time to review how you plan to communicate with clients concerning tax events that may impact them the most throughout the remainder of 2021.

These days, your clients need you to do more than ensure they are compliant with tax law changes. They need first-class tax advisory services that can empower sound financial decisions. To support your clients and offer the best customer service, you'll need to translate complex tax legislation into everyday language that your client will understand. The more your client understands, the easier it will be to work with them in identifying and closing any potential compliance gaps lurking under the service.

But as your client base grows, so does the breadth of knowledge required to best support your clients, and the more complicated your client communication becomes. We recommend developing a communication plan that takes advantage of predictive analytics and workflow automation to help you bear the weight of providing your expertise with clients as efficiently as possible.

Next-Generation Communication Workflows

To advise your clients on complex IRS regulations and tax law changes, you need to grasp the issue at hand and insight into which clients would benefit from your expertise. CCH Axcess iQ fulfills both these needs in one package. As new tax events make headlines, iQ keeps you current with in-depth articles summarizing client impact and providing deep research capabilities through its integration with CCH AnswerConnect.

Everything you need to become an expert on the news of the day is only a click away.

Each tax event is accompanied by a list of clients likely to be impacted by the event. This list is automatically updated daily via our big data pipeline, so you know that none of your clients will slip through the cracks. This nuanced look at your clientele empowers discernment and strategy in communicating with your clients. And rather than casting a wide net with information that only pertains to a percentage of your clientele – and makes them feel like just another number – you can target specific clients who will appreciate the personal touch.

Communicating in Everyday Language

A communications workflow is meaningless if it does not deliver content that connects with your audience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to quickly read, digest, understand, and translate highly technical information in ordinary language.

To assist with this task, utilize the client letters included with each iQ event. These letters provide the pertinent details that allow the average layperson to quickly understand how a particular event may apply to them. Because iQ is built on the Axcess platform, combining your client list and client letters can be as simple as generating an email distribution list from the client list within iQ.

Since iQ has access to the Axcess common client database, when a report is ran in iQ identifying clients who may be affected by the event, the report automatically includes client email addresses and other pertinent client contact information. All you need to do is copy the email addresses into your email marketing tool or – better yet – integrate with our client list API to import this data into your tool of choice automatically.

The value you receive from CCH Axcess iQ is passed on to your clients when you use content and data that is both smart and accurate to inform and advise your clients. If you are ready to learn more about how iQ can improve your communications workflow, contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative to schedule a demo.