FinanceJanuary 19, 2022

Three ways finance leaders can optimize cash and liquidity beyond the pandemic

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Among finance leaders' primary concerns is ensuring their companies have sufficient cash flow to sustain their businesses. The ability to monitor cash flow, re-plan cash flow, and perform robust cash flow analysis is critical, yet many companies today struggle with the information needed to do so.

Learn how to gain greater visibility into cash flow and walk away with three tangible ways you can optimize cash and liquidity today and for the future. You will learn:

  • Key trends and factors that have the greatest effect on companies' cash holdings-including the biggest challenges to cash flow planning and how to overcome them
  • How finance teams can enable their companies to optimize liquidity, manage cash, and reduce risk
  • Best practices for forecasting cash reserves amid ongoing uncertainty


Sadek Fahmy

Technology Support Manager
Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik

Matt Benaron

CCH® Tagetik
Corporate Performance Management
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