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LegalOctober 05, 2023

Podcast: The launch of the Unitary Patent package – Towards a truly European patent system

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has finally taken flight, and the excitement in the air is palpable among patent experts across Europe. As Johanna Flythström, a Helsinki-based partner at the prestigious law firm Roschier, aptly puts it, "The start of the Unified Patent Court is a very special time for patent enthusiasts." Gertie Schouten, Journalist, interviews Johanna Flythström to discuss the popularity of the system in different sectors, as well as the role of national IP courts, the German dominance at the UPC and the question when the first fundamental UPC decisions can be expected. Listen to the trailer or to the full discussion.

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Listen to the trailer: The launch of the Unitary Patent package – Towards a truly European patent system.

Anticipation and Excitement

The UPC has been a long time in the making. Years of preparations and numerous delays have only served to heighten the anticipation surrounding its launch. Flythström's words echo the sentiments of many who have been eagerly awaiting the day when the UPC would become a reality. "There was a lot of anticipation building up before the launch of the UPC," she noted, "so there is really a lot of excitement in the air about how everything will be developing." It's indeed a momentous time for patent law in Europe.

Podcast Highlights

In the podcast interview, Schouten and Flythström delve into several intriguing aspects of the UPC:

  1. Popularity Across Sectors: The popularity of the UPC system in different industry sectors is a point of discussion. As patent litigation enthusiasts, it is fascinating to observe how various sectors are embracing this new approach to patent enforcement. The UPC is designed to streamline patent litigation and create a more consistent framework for patent protection in Europe, making it a game-changer for innovators across industries.
  2. The Role of National IP Courts: The interplay between national intellectual property (IP) courts and the UPC is another critical topic. Understanding how these two entities will work together is essential for patent practitioners. The UPC aims to harmonize patent law across its member states, and this harmonization will inevitably impact the roles of national IP courts.
  3. German Dominance: The role of Germany in the UPC cannot be overstated. As one of the most influential countries in the European patent landscape, Germany's involvement in the UPC is significant. Flythström and her colleagues discuss the impact of German dominance and how it may shape the future of the UPC.
  4. The Timing of Fundamental UPC Decisions: One of the most eagerly awaited aspects of the UPC is its ability to deliver fundamental decisions that will shape European patent law. The podcast explores when we can expect these groundbreaking rulings and how they will impact patent litigation.

UPC Case Law Tracker: Your Gateway to UPC Insights

Wolters Kluwer has launched the UPC Case Law Tracker as part of Kluwer IP Law, a valuable tool for patent professionals. This resource provides summarized and annotated UPC decisions and orders, offering a deep dive into the evolving jurisprudence of the UPC. For those who want to stay ahead of the curve in patent law, this tracker is indispensable.

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