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Ovid leads the way in enhancing research automation and efficiency for global pharma companies

Global pharmaceutical companies work with Ovid to enhance platform to improve automation and efficiency.

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, having access to the latest, most comprehensive clinical information is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Wolters Kluwer Health, a global leader in information, software solutions, and services, is at the forefront of this mission, providing intuitive, easy-to-use workflows for the Ovid® research platform. This solution caters to the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies, biotech professionals, researchers, and contract research organizations worldwide, thereby streamlining the research and discovery process.

Customizable solutions for complex challenges

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are dynamic sectors that demand constant innovation and strict adherence to regulatory guidelines. Wolters Kluwer understands that no two organizations are the same, offering flexibility with its tools that are designed to meet the specific requirements of each business. The Ovid research platform stands out by supplying verified information in a timely and digestible manner, addressing the critical need for customization in the research workflow.

Rafael Sidi, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Health Research at Wolters Kluwer Health, emphasizes the importance of providing pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biomedical organizations with a tool that is not only flexible but also efficient. The aim is to empower team members by putting essential information from a vast array of resources at their fingertips. This approach not only advances pharmacological discovery but also helps in bringing medical breakthroughs to the market more efficiently.

He is quoted in a recent press release, “Each pharmaceutical, life sciences and biomedical organization must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines, while also having unique needs for their specific business focus. Providing those institutions with a tool that is flexible, while continuously supplying verified information in a timely and digestible manner, is crucial. The Ovid research platform is uniquely positioned to support this industry, empowering team members by putting essential information from a vast array of resources at their fingertips.” Read the full press release.

Empowering teams with enhanced research productivity

Pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of sifting through massive volumes of information across various organizational functions such as regulatory, clinical writing, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, health economics, and outcomes research. The Ovid medical research solutions are designed to enhance search precision and workflow speed, thereby maximizing research productivity. With features such as drug-specific keywording and a clear path to the full text of relevant research, teams can improve their efficiency significantly.

The Ovid platform has been instrumental in reducing administrative overhead, allowing team members more time to focus on engagement with stakeholders and fulfill regulatory requirements. Notably, Ovid partnered with the world’s top pharmaceutical company to develop new product features to further improve research automation and efficiency across the industry. Innovations such as rapid "find and replace" search updating, AutoAlert bulk editing, and Change Audit History for regulation tracking and compliance have been game-changers.

A case study in success

An international rare drug manufacturer has leveraged the powerful tools of the Ovid research platform to accelerate its research endeavors. The results speak for themselves, showcasing how tailored solutions can streamline the research process, from study design to regulatory submission, thereby accelerating the time to market for vital medical treatments.

The commitment to empowering pharmaceutical research and discovery with cutting-edge technology and services is evident in Wolters Kluwer's continuous efforts to enhance the Ovid platform. By doing so, they not only support the critical work of pharmaceutical companies and researchers but also contribute to the broader goal of advancing healthcare globally.

Learn more about how Wolters Kluwer is revolutionizing pharmaceutical and biotech research.

Ovid's innovative approach to simplifying and enhancing the research process in the pharmaceutical industry ensures that companies can remain focused on what they do best: discovering and developing the treatments and cures of tomorrow. With Ovid medical research solutions, the future of pharmaceutical research looks more promising than ever.

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