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Global pharmaceutical companies turn to Wolters Kluwer to boost research automation and efficiency 

Custom-built, medical research workflows advance pharma discovery.

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, implementing the latest technologies to help bring medical breakthroughs to market is of critical importance. That is why Wolters Kluwer Health has collaborated with some of the leading pharmaceutical companies to bring intuitive and easy-to-use workflows to the Ovid® research platform.

Scaling up customizable solutions 

The pharma and biotech industries rely on obtaining the latest, most comprehensive clinical information to effectively do their jobs. Automation and efficiency are imperative to manage the massive volumes of information within regulatory, clinical writing, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, health economics and outcomes research, or publications groups. This allows different organizational functions to complete key tasks with speed and accuracy, such as leveraging hard-to-find data to generate study designs, substantiating findings for regulatory agencies, and gathering the latest information regarding disease management.

Each pharmaceutical, life sciences and biomedical organization must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines, while also having unique needs for their specific business focus. Providing those institutions with an expert solution that is flexible, while continuously supplying authoritative information in a timely and digestible manner, is crucial. The Ovid research platform is uniquely positioned to support this industry, empowering researchers by putting essential information from a vast array of trusted resources at their fingertips.
Rafael Sidi, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Health Research, Wolters Kluwer Health

Improving workflow and productivity through understanding researchers’ tasks

Ovid medical research solutions enhance search precision and workflow speed to maximize research productivity. Teams improve their efficiency with more focused results, drug-specific keywording, and a clear path to the full text of relevant research. Additionally, the platform helps reduce administrative overhead, by freeing team members to spend more time on stakeholder engagement and regulatory requirements.

Wolters Kluwer worked with the world’s top pharmaceutical company to develop new enhancements in the Ovid research platform that will improve research automation and efficiency across the industry. New research tool updates include:

Rapid “find and replace” search updating

Manual updates of proprietary searches when a field changes in a database reload or a drug rename, are now a thing of the past. Users can search for a string within Saved Searches and AutoAlerts and replace all instances at once. 

AutoAlert bulk editing

To help with administrative tasks when there is a new stakeholder or staff turnover, multiple edits to AutoAlerts can be made at one time, ensuring the right people, receive the right information, at the right time. 

Change audit history

Every AutoAlert change is logged, recording when it was run, edited, or suspended and the user making the change. This is extremely important to help with regulation tracking and compliance.

Learn more about the vital role that the Ovid research platform can play for pharma organizations and review this case study on how an international, rare drug manufacturer is currently leveraging the platform’s tools to accelerate their research.

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