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ComplianceJuly 07, 2020

On-demand webinar: What's in a name? Compliance issues in selecting and protecting a business entity’s name

Naming a business is the first step in creating a recognizable brand, inspiring sales and standing out from the competition. In many ways, a business entity’s name is among its most valuable assets. Join this on-demand webinar to ensure the selection and protection of that name are done properly.

Legal professionals assisting in the naming process play an especially critical role. This on-demand webinar breaks down the various terms, laws, and other key aspects so you can more easily support clients. CT’s expert explains how to ensure the proposed name complies with statutes, rules, and regulations. Come away with an understanding of the proper steps to acquire and maintain rights to a legal name.

Learn about:

  • Key terms
  • Laws that govern name selection and protection
  • Acquiring rights to a name
  • Maintaining and enforcing name rights
  • Changing a legal name
  • Business entity, fictitious and assumed names
  • Domain name considerations and the new gTLD program
  • Trademark law and name selection and protection
  • Enforcing trademark rights

For more information, read the supporting webinar guide: What's in a name? Selecting and protecting a business entity’s name

Tamara Kling
Government Relations and Regional Attorney
Tamara Kling has been a Government Relations and Regional Attorney with CT Corporation for over 10 years. She works closely with state bar associations and government offices to implement changes in business entity laws.
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