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NPD x EBP: How to create a culture of improvement

Healthcare systems utilize a new EBP workflow solution, Ovid® Synthesis, to overcome the most common challenges of nursing professional development.

Nursing Professional Development teams are often tasked with multiple organization initiatives — from onboarding and supporting new nurses in residency programs and meeting criteria for Magnet® and other accreditation programs, to facilitating evidence-based practice and quality improvement projects that align with system priorities. The implementation of EBP and QI initiatives often encounters hurdles, including lack of standardization, visibility, and variability in staff knowledge. Addressing these challenges is paramount for healthcare organizations aiming to foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

By using a new solution, called Ovid Synthesis, NPD professionals are overcoming these challenges. This new platform supports the standardization and storage of projects, accelerates implementation, and fosters better collaboration among improvement teams. With its adoption by leading healthcare organizations, Ovid Synthesis has demonstrated its efficacy in streamlining EBP and QI projects, with 95% of users reporting better standardization and guidance and 86% reporting decreased time to complete projects.

University of Maryland Medical System

The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) exemplifies the successful integration of Ovid Synthesis into healthcare operations. Prior to the implementation, UMMS faced substantial challenges in communication, information sharing, and tracking the status of various projects. The standardization of their Nurse Residency Program became a primary focus, aiming to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

The process of implementing Ovid Synthesis at UMMS involved engaging key stakeholders, securing necessary funding, and clearly presenting the benefits of the tool. This strategic approach led to remarkable outcomes, including improved visibility into project statuses, enhanced communication among team members, and a more standardized approach to their Nurse Residency Program.

Ovid Synthesis is transforming how we manage and standardize healthcare processes.
Jenni Day, PhD, RN, Senior Director, Clinical Excellence & Professional Development, University of Maryland Medical System


AdventHealth’s experience with Ovid Synthesis in their newly licensed nursing programs further underscores the platform's utility. Their implementation strategy centered on partnership, visibility, accessibility, and sustainability. By adopting Ovid Synthesis, AdventHealth achieved significant improvements in visibility and access to resources, which, in turn, elevated clinical practice.

Post-implementation surveys conducted at AdventHealth revealed clear areas for improvement and expansion. Plans are now in place to build upon the successes of their newly licensed nursing programs, create a scholarly program, and develop a comprehensive toolkit for educators. These initiatives underscore a commitment to leveraging Ovid Synthesis for continuous improvement and excellence in nursing education and practice.

Educating and engaging our nursing staff in evidence-based practice is crucial for sustainability and is a core focus with Ovid Synthesis.
Megan Milbourne, MSN, RN, CCRN, Learning Operations Manager, AdventHealth

The impact of Ovid Synthesis

Ovid Synthesis has several key features that contribute to its effectiveness in supporting EBP and QI initiatives. These include project tracking, evidence search capabilities, expert guidance, and outcome dissemination. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the generation of reports, encourages collaboration among clinicians, and offers templates for posters and presentations. These features collectively make Ovid Synthesis an indispensable tool for healthcare organizations striving for excellence in EBP and QI.

Ovid Synthesis customers report significant benefits from using the product:

  • 94% report more streamlined oversight.
  • 95% report an increase in collaboration.
  • 95% report better standardization and guidance.
  • 86% report decreased time to complete projects.
  • 89% report better job satisfaction.
  • 88% report improvement in financial outcomes.

The path forward

The experiences of the University of Maryland Medical System and AdventHealth with Ovid Synthesis illustrate the profound impact that innovative tools can have on improving healthcare outcomes. These case studies not only demonstrate the capabilities of Ovid Synthesis but also serve as a call to action for healthcare organizations to adopt and integrate advanced technological solutions in their EBP and QI projects.

In today’s healthcare environment, where excellence and innovation are not just aspirations but necessities, tools like Ovid Synthesis play a critical role in supporting clinicians and achieving superior patient outcomes. It’s time for healthcare organizations to take action towards a future where evidence-based practice and quality improvement are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of patient care.

The adoption of sophisticated tools like Ovid Synthesis is not just beneficial but essential for the advancement of healthcare quality and efficiency. By harnessing the power of this platform, healthcare organizations can unlock new potentials in EBP and QI, paving the way for enhanced clinical performance and patient care excellence.

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