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How to change my LLC address

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Are you planning on relocating your business? Beyond simply informing your customers, any change to your LLC's address requires more attention – you must ensure that all government filings and registrations are promptly updated to accurately reflect the change.

In this article, we explain what’s involved in changing your LLC’s address, including updating your formation documents, and more.

Amending your LLC’s formation document

The official information the state holds about your LLC is captured in your LLC's formation document, often referred to as the Articles of Organization. When your address changes, it is imperative to notify the state to ensure the accuracy of this crucial information.

To change your LLC’s principal office on your formation document you will need to file Articles of Amendment with your formation state and pay any related fees. The principal office is your business’ main office or headquarters.

If you’re opening a new office but still doing business at your existing address, typically you won’t need to change your LLC address. However, if you are no longer physically present at your current address (due to a change in location or operating remotely), then you must file Articles of Amendment and formally change your LLC address.

Articles of Amendment can also be used to change the legal name of your LLC, its business purpose, and any updates to your registered agent information (the address of your registered agent must be kept current with your state’s entity filing office). Legal documents delivered to your registered agent trigger important deadlines and other legal obligations. Failure to handle these on time may result in serious consequences for your business or the recipient.

Can I use my home address for my LLC?

If you close your physical address and conduct business from your home, there is no law preventing you from using your home address as the LLC's official address. Be sure to check your local zoning laws and HOA rules regarding using your home address for business purposes.

Bear in mind that since your LLC address is a public record, you may lose some privacy if you use your home address as your principal office address.

Additionally, you may face liability issues since it may be difficult to keep business and personal activities separate in order to avoid piercing the corporate veil.

You may also consider using a USPS street address, a virtual office, or a coworking space as your LLC's address since most states require an LLC to have a valid street address.

What if I’m moving my LLC to another state?

If you’re closing the principal office of your LLC in one state and relocating it to another state, you must either:

  • Dissolve the LLC in the old state and form a new corporation or LLC in the new state.
  • Reorganize and form an LLC in the new state and merge the old LLC into it.
  • Enter a statutory conversion or domestication.

For more information on choosing the right option, read How to move an LLC or corporation to another state

Who else do I need to inform about an LLC address change?

When you change the name of your LLC, you should also inform the following entities:

  • U.S. Postal Service
  • IRS: Complete Form 8822-B-Change of Address and mail it to the address on the form. Visit the website to find the form.
  • State taxation and licensing agencies
  • City and county agencies: Contact your city or county to notify them of your change of address. This ensures your licenses and permits are kept current.
  • Financial institutions
  • Vendors, suppliers, and business service providers
  • Business insurance policies
  • Customers
  • Website, online business listings, social media profiles, and company email signatures

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