FinanceESGOctober 27, 2022

FSN Webinar: CFOs - should corporate strategy meet your personal ESG expectations?

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As people focus increasingly on the environmental and social impact of organizations, corporate strategies are having to change to reflect the new reality. However, ESG priorities can be emotionally charged and controversial.

What happens when corporate strategy does not meet your own expectations? Should corporate and personal thinking be kept totally separate?

In this webinar, Gary Simon, Chief Executive FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Function on LinkedIn, interviews two individuals with deep knowledge of ESG strategy to discuss this very contemporary dilemma.

  • Richard Marshall has significant experience in leading the incorporation of ESG objectives into business strategy and processes. In addition to holding senior finance positions across a range of industries, he has been a non-executive board and audit committee member for an Asia-Pacific property company, a member of ICI’s Global Operations & Technology Leadership Board, and an Executive Board Member for ICI Unichema’s UK business.

  • James Paterson is Vice President and General Manager at CCH® Tagetik North America, where he leads CCH Tagetik’s unified capability in Corporate Performance Management.

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