FinanceNovember 23, 2021

FSN Report: Agility in Financial Reporting and Consolidation

This FSN report reveals the results of the 2021 “Agility in Consolidation" survey, where over 300 senior finance professionals from around the globe shared insight into the power and pitfalls of their varying approaches to the financial close, consolidation and financial reporting.  

Read the report to benchmark where your organization is on the ‘agility dial’ and get clear pointers on how to improve the performance of your financial reporting process. 

Report highlights:

  • How to transform a disconnected, slow, and cumbersome reporting process into being connected, fast, and efficient  
  • Where companies are misdirecting their investments and how to get back on track
  • Ways to turn the month-end mountain into a molehill
  • Why transformational leaders outperform and how to become one of them
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