HealthApril 08, 2022

Diversion of non-controlled medications: High-risk drugs for self abuse

Explore the diversion of non-controlled substances that are often misused either for their distinct effects or when combined with controlled substances to enhance or mitigate their impact.

Dr. Michael O’Neil, Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the South College School of Pharmacy in Knoxville explores the diversion of non-controlled substances frequently abused for their own effects or in combination with controlled substances to amplify or alleviate their effects, like Propofol, gabapentin or diphenhydramine.

Diversion of non-controlled medications is a growing concern in healthcare settings and beyond, with potentially severe consequences for patients and the people and organizations who care for them. While much of the focus on substance misuse has been on controlled substances like opioids, it is important not to overlook the dangers of the diversion of non-controlled medications.

In this webinar, you will discover the impact of diversion on non-controlled medications, including:

  • The scope of non-controlled medications for personal use, including common medications involved, patient populations at risk, and associated risks and consequences.
  • Motivations behind the diversion of non-controlled medications for personal use.
  • Strategies and best practices for preventing and addressing diversion of non-controlled medications for personal use.

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