HealthNovember 30, 2021

Top ten ways to detect drug diversion in your hospital

Drug diversion in hospitals puts patients, staff, and communities at risk. Yet sadly, research shows most drug diversion in hospitals goes undetected until injury or damage occurs.

Clinical studies estimate that 8-10% of healthcare workers divert. Additionally, most hospitals are not confident in the effectiveness of their drug diversion prevention program.

This educational webinar covers ten common forms of drug diversion across the supply chain impacting purchasing, pharmacy, nursing, anesthesia, and outpatient. From missing restocks to stolen medications in outpatient clinical areas to the detection of non-controlled substances, case studies for how hospitals can detect when medications are stolen within their facilities.

Key takeaways

  • Best practices for preventing and detecting drug diversion.
  • Ten ways to detect drug diversion in hospitals.
  • Case studies and examples of drug diversion detection.

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Sentri7 Drug Diversion
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Reconciles drug transactions using AI to rapidly and accurately identify patterns of behavior consistent with drug diversion.
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