FinanceAugust 20, 2021

The Top Four Barriers to Sales Forecast Accuracy

Shore up your Sales Forecasts with Predictive Planning™ to boost Sales Forecast Accuracy
Companies have long struggled with how to include Sales teams insights into their operations forecasts. The potential benefits are great; Sales has unique insights into rising trends, market shifts, and new competitors. They are on the ground speaking with current and potential clients daily. Without their market intelligence, companies become blind to the opportunities and threats brought on by rapidly changing markets. Sales forecasts, however, are notoriously inaccurate because sales people are knot forecasters. They can play a part, however, if you let them contribute what they know best.

Predictive Planning™ offers fully automated forecast preparation in a single cloud platform that is also designed to capture Sales team knowledge and insights. The results are truer sales forecasts that cut waste and improve service levels, reputation, customer loyalty, and the bottom line.

“Predictive Planning™ was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%”

-VP, Supply Chain, Mayne Pharma

In this white paper, we will discuss the cultural and structural barriers that prevent Sales from providing accurate information. We detail the cause of each barrier and how to overcome it based on decades of experience helping companies create forecasts they can trust.

Fill out the form to download the white paper, Top 4 Barriers to Sales Forecast Accuracy, and learn what barriers are keeping your company from staying ahead of the competition. Companies can resolve of these issues by letting forecasters and Sales focus on their areas of expertise.
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