FinanceMarch 17, 2022

Operational plans unified in a single platform with CCH Tagetik

Learn how CCH Tagetik eases ATC's adaptation to change by connecting all strategic, financial and operational plans in a single platform.

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The Australian Turf Club (ATC) is a company that operates across four venues in 26 departments. Their operational scope is broad, as they have departments looking after their property commercial, hospitality, racing and corporate services.  

How was ATC managing the budgeting and planning process before CCH Tagetik? 

Prior to using CCH Tagetik, the main pain point was around the budgeting process using Excel spreadsheets. ATC has 110 race days across the four venues so they needed a customized system to be able to support that.  

What CCH Tagetik solutions have been implemented? 

So far ATC has implemented the budgeting, planning and forecasting systems as well as Collaborative Office and now looking to move forward towards the analytical workspace

How does CCH Tagetik benefit ATC's operational plans? 

The most notable benefit has been the removal of manual template preparation for their budgeting and forecasting process, that consisted of creating templates in Excel, issuing them, making sure they were correct and collecting them manually. 

Working with CCH Tagetik, ATC has been able to set up their budgets around race day events, also accommodating the fact that they need to budget at a venue level and at a department level. They have been able to have a custom product that serves their financial operations but also their core business operations.
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