Beyond COVID-19: The call for partnerships in nursing

Recorded June 9, 2021 | 1 hour
Thelma had Louise, Ben had Jerry, Bert had Ernie. We can list hundreds of examples of great partnerships. And we want what these partners have — mutual permission to play off one another, lean on each other, and lean into each other.

We want this kind of partnership in our marriages, friendships, and, yes, even our work relationships. Join us for an inside look into an effective leadership practice to meet nurses’ changing needs post Covid-19. You'll have this time to pause and reflect on what team members need from you right now. We’ll look at the partnering practices that prime you for building solid partnerships with your nursing team.

Presented by: Jacqueline “Jackie” Medland, PHD, RN, NEA-BC and Paula Moscinski, MA, CPCC

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