Students love adaptive learning, since the personalized practice and real-time reports help you to improve your NCLEX pass rates, graduation rates, and address pain points early on.

Adaptive quizzing has proven to be a game changer for students in improving their performance on the NCLEX. Wolters Kluwer Adaptive Learning, powered by PrepU, helps students learn more and gives instructors the data they need to monitor each student’s progress, weaknesses and strengths.

PrepU is a central component of Lippincott CoursePoint and Lippincott PassPoint, and has vast power to increase student retention and engagement. It is also now linked to the amazing measurable results, including:

Laptop with NCLEX-RN PassPoint on the screen
  • Programs utilizing PrepU adaptive quizzing saw an 11.4% increase in on-time graduation and a 5.5% increase in program retention rates over five years.
  • 82.8% of student reported that PrepU adaptive quizzing improved their course performance; 87.9% prefer it to preset tests banks, and 98.3% would opt to use it in other courses if available.
  • 93.9% of student using PrepU adaptive quizzing in the study passed the NCLEX.
  • The mastery level in PrepU adaptive quizzing can statistically significantly predict final course grades.
Top 10 Benefits of Adaptive Learning
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