Build a new nurse safety net to improve transition to practice and retention

Recorded on October 31, 2023 | 1 hour
Consider the investment in helping new nurses transition to practice: it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to onboard a newly hired nursing graduate and an average of 140 days before they are productive. Yet, some 33% of new nurses leave during their first year. Nurse leaders must advocate for transition-to-practice onboarding programs that lower costs, decrease new nurse reported error rates, and ensure quality nursing care.

With current new nurse turnover rates and the increasing costs associated with retaining them, nurse leaders should explore strategies that centralize, standardize, and streamline orientation programs by leveraging analytic data and quality methodologies.

Evidence shows that effective new nurse orientation, preceptor, and nurse residency programs can positively impact new nurse competency and retention. Access this webinar and find out how you can build a new nurse safety net. Learn more about:

  • Strategies nurse leaders can leverage to combat turnover and support nurses' professional growth
  • Proactive approaches to manage the onboarding and retention of novice nurses
  • Increasing competence and confidence, and improving patient safety and outcomes and retention of new nurses.

About the speakers

Bethany Robertson, DNP, CNM, FNAP
Bethany Robertson, DNP, CNM, FNAP
Clinical Executive, Wolters Kluwer, Health, Learning, Research & Practice
Jennifer Parrotte
Jennifer Parrotte
Director of Organizational Development, Nursing Education, Research, and the Magnet Program, UPMC St. Margaret
Jennifer Ghidini, RN
Executive Nursing Director, Yale New Haven Hospital
Eric Wicklund
Eric Wicklund (Moderator)
Senior Innovation & Technology Editor, HealthLeaders

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