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This unique combination from JBI of evidence-rich content plus a set of online evidence-based practice (EBP) appraisal, implementation, and management tools is designed to help nurses, physicians, practitioners, and healthcare managers implement an effective EBP program and provide patient care based on the best available evidence.

The collection includes:
  • JBI EBP Database - The complete JBI EBP content set available via Ovid, which spans a range of medical, nursing, and healthcare specialties and includes evidence summaries, systematic reviews, best practice guidelines, and more.
  • JBI Evidence Synthesis - A multidisciplinary journal that publishes rigorous evidence syntheses relevant to range of healthcare contexts and health conditions. It is the premier channel for diverse Systematic Reviews that move beyond effectiveness.
  • JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) - is a software program designed to assist in the conduct of JBI systematic reviews. JBI SUMARI is a web-based application that is available for purchase via Lippincott’s Nursing Center on the Evidence-based Practice Network. It allows users to conduct systematic reviews following the JBI approach as well as the ability to create non-JBI reviews.
  • JBI PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) - Developed by JBI—world leaders in helping organizations use evidence to inform clinical decision making— JBI PACES is an all-in-one evidence-based audit and feedback software solution perfect for quality improvement, audit, or evidence-based practice projects.

Key features of the collection:
  • Ideal for healthcare practitioners, researchers, and students and faculty at hospitals, clinicals, long-term care facilities, and other institutions
  • Step-by-step approach to implementing behavior and practice changeRapid access to the best available evidence in the JBI EBP Database (also on Ovid)Easily searchable audit criteria, including outcome measurements, quality indicators, and other performance measures—modify and create your own!Built-in calculators make statistics easy!Customizable data presentations, plus automatic reportingAccommodates large-scale, organization-wide initiatives plus smaller, more individual projectsIntegrated with JBI Evidence Based Summaries, Recommended Practices, and BPI Sheets

JBI is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading providers of evidence-based information from across the globe, as well as tools to help healthcare professionals implement an effective evidence-based practice program and provide the best possible patient care.
Product Type:
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Nursing

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