Driving the future of healthcare technology

Hospitals are facing one challenge after another as healthcare costs skyrocket, pressures to track and improve patient outcomes increase, and clinical teams burn out faster than ever. Add in a global pandemic and it’s clear urgent solutions are needed.

Now more than ever, information and clinical technology leaders are faced with understanding and addressing systemic challenges within their health and hospital systems to improve and standardize patient care.

The rapid evolution of evidence-based healthcare technologies is creating opportunities to drive the future of care. Integrated, cloud-based, intelligent solutions can securely harness unstructured clinical data for personalized care, provide leading evidence-based information and decision support at the point-of-care, prioritize clinical efforts through AI-powered alerts, and identify opportunities for improved performance and cost savings through analytics.

By implementing these innovative solutions and more, technology leaders can support hospital staff and administrators in advancing value-based care initiatives, reducing the cost of care, alleviating clinician burnout, and improving patient safety and health outcomes.

Expert solutions for hospitals and health systems

Our comprehensive suite of intelligent, evidence-based solutions empowers health leadership to strategically improve patient safety and engagement, reduce costs, and streamline operations and compliance.

Advanced expert solutions for hospital pharmacies

As clinicians consider treatments for care plans, hospital pharmacy staff are there to help preempt adverse events, promote drug stewardship, and support patient adherence. With an extensive drug database and alert systems, these solutions can help hospital pharmacies overcome challenges for improved patient outcomes.

Addressing healthcare challenges for hospital technology leaders

Explore how expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer can address specific challenges across the health continuum.

Additional expertise for hospital technology leaders

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