Sentri7 empowers your team to optimize medication use to improve patient safety and care.

In this era of razor-thin margins, your hospital pharmacy can be a strategic contributor. Sentri7's evidence-based guidance and tools advance medication therapy to help your team maximize its contribution by improving clinical outcomes and pharmacy cost savings.

Sentri7® Pharmacy Surveillance & Medication Management

Sentri7 pharmacy surveillance technology integrated with the EHR helps pharmacists sift through a large volume of patient data to efficiently prioritize the most important opportunities for optimizing medication therapy.

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Meet Anna, a pharmacist who uses Sentri7 to monitor and manage medication usage and the hospital’s antimicrobial stewardship program. As a result, her pharmacy team is making a deeper impact on patient care.

Use Sentri7's pharmacy clinical surveillance and its evidence-based rules to identify patients that need attention and alert clinicians of opportunities to improve performance, including:

  • Optimize medication selection to improve cost-effectiveness
  • Ensure dose and route optimization, including renal dosing, anticoagulation and IV-to-PO conversions and high-risk medications over time
  • Deploy 24/7 monitoring for adverse events  
  • Streamline regulatory and quality measurement compliance

Increase the impact of your pharmacy programs across facilities by using Sentri7 and its turnkey SoleSource platform to streamline adoption of programs, policies and procedures –and drive continuous improvement.

Learn more about Sentri7 Antimicrobial Stewardship and Opioid Stewardship to round out your pharmacy programs.


Why Customers Choose Sentri 7 Hospital Pharmacy Surveillance

Proven Results for a Hospital Pharmacy Team

One nationally-recognized pediatric hospital relies on Sentri7’s turnkey evidence-based library to establish a set of rules and metrics to strengthen the pharmacy’s impact on the hospital’s key initiatives, including its antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) and management of drug spend. 

By standardizing pharmacy clinical practices, they achieved $1.2 million in hard cost-savings and saw a 123% increase in pharmacist dose evaluations. They reduced pharmacy spending through medication therapy adjustments, increased pharmacist dose evaluations and de-escalation of high-cost medications. 


That’s the Sentri7 difference.  

Medication Management Insights

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