Delaware registration is a smart choice

Yacht registration in Delaware is an attractive option due to Delaware's limited requirements and relatively low registration and renewal fees.

What is needed to register a boat in Delaware?

  • A completed Division of Fish & Wildlife application
  • Evidence supporting ownership such as an original title
  • A Notarized Bill of Sale Certificate of Origin or Builder's Certificate Registration/Deletion Certificates if previously registered

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Frequently asked questions
  • What is the advantage of using CT Corporation (Delaware and Yacht Registry, Ltd.)?
    For over 30 years we have helped thousands of satisfied customers incorporate their watercraft in the State of Delaware. We know how to prepare the paperwork efficiently and correctly. We're also one of only a handful of registered agents with a dedicated connection to the state's database. This allows for quick filing and retrieval of state-issued certificates. Many types of orders received during normal business hours are handled the same day without any expedited fees charged to the client. This a huge advantage because the processing time for non-expedited filings submitted directly to the Delaware Division of Corporations by the general public may take up to four weeks.
  • Can I change my registered agent, and how do I change my company's registered agent to CT Corporation / Delaware and Yacht Registry, Ltd.?
    Absolutely! You can change your registered agent whenever you would like to. The process is easy. The registered agent can be changed by filing a Certificate of Change of Agent with the Division of Corporations. We can help you with this process by preparing and filing the certificate.
  • Do I have to disclose the owners?

    You don't have to report that information to the Delaware Secretary of State or the registered agent, but you will have to share the initial director/member information with our firm if you'd like us to act as the incorporator/organizer to register the company.

    Additionally, officer and director information for a corporation must be reported to the State each year when filing the annual report. Currently, LLCs don't have an annual reporting requirement and are not required to publicly report members at the time of formation or afterwards. However, Delaware Secretary of State does reserve the right to collect that information if warranted. The entity itself is responsible for keeping records in accordance with the Delaware Code.

  • Will I owe tax in Delaware?
    If your entity is not operating in the State of Delaware then you will not have to pay state income taxes in Delaware on income earned elsewhere. This is different than the annual franchise tax which all companies registered in Delaware owe.
  • Do I still owe franchise tax if I haven't actually done any business?
    Yes! The franchise tax is not an income tax. It is the registration fee paid to the State of Delaware for maintaining your entity in good standing. All companies registered with the Delaware Division of Corporations that were in existence the previous year are required to pay franchise taxes each year in accordance with the Delaware Code.
  • How do I change the member(s) of an LLC?

    Generally speaking, this is a private internal matter of the LLC. Refer to your LLC operating agreement and Delaware Code. You may wish to contact a legal professional for further assistance.

    Delaware law does not require LLCs to publicly report the members (or managers); thus, there is no procedure to "change" them by making a filing with the Division of Corporations, although an amendment can be filed to change information previously voluntarily reported.

    If you need to change the contact person for communication from CT Corporation (Delaware and Yacht Registry, Ltd.), then please contact us to request a change.

  • What is required to open a US bank account?

    This is a difficult question to answer because each bank has its own requirements. We would assume at minimum a bank would like to see the filed certificate of incorporation, EIN, and the bylaws for the corporation or Operating Agreement for LLC. Banks may also require a certificate of good standing or a certified copy of your certificate of formation/incorporation. The bottom line is, only your bank can tell you what they want you to present to them.

    International clients may have difficulty opening a US bank account due to restrictions in the Patriot's Act, and may even be required to physically visit the bank.

  • How do I report a change to my company's address?

    Corporations can publicly report a change of principal place of business address when completing the annual report each year. In the case of an LLC, the business address is not collected or recorded by the State.

    The communication address on record with CT Corporation (Delaware and Yacht Registry, Ltd.) for correspondence may or may not be the same as the business address. If that address has changed, contact us to update our records.

  • Why is my Delaware company void or forfeit?

    A company is void because it failed to submit its annual franchise tax and/or report (corporations), or forfeit for failure to maintain its registered agent (either by failing to pay an invoice or possibly failing to keep the registered agent advised of current contact information).

    In many cases, the company may have changed its contact information, CT Corporation or Delaware and Yacht Registry, Ltd. was not notified of the change, and the company's annual franchise tax notice or annual registered agent invoice was not properly received. Many times the annual report or registered agent fee is not submitted simply due to an oversight.

  • How can a void/forfeit company be returned to good standing?

    A company that is void or forfeit may reinstate the company by filing a Certificate of Revival and submitting all past due franchise tax/annual reports, along with any unpaid registered agent fees, if applicable.

    Since the cost will vary depending on the specific entity, we ask that you email your revival request to our team here, so that we can research the cost for you and provide you with an accurate response. There's no charge for this service and most emails are replied to within 24 hours.

  • Can you give me the contact information for a company?
    No. As a commercial registered agent, we are bound to protect the privacy of our clients and we cannot share any contact information for any of our customers. What we can do is accept service of process and forward it to the company. We can also be hired to help you order copies of any publicly available documentation, such as an annual report which is required to list the phone, principal place of business address, and names and address of all directors and an officer of a corporation.
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