two people filing real-estate documents at the county
CompliancePénzügy13 január, 2021

Imagine recording documents at the county in two hours

Servicing loans is time consuming under normal circumstances. Now add in working from home and the sudden rise in forbearance requests. The urgency to quickly record documents such as modifications and partial claim mortgages with all the added requirements must be tough to handle.

With Lien Solutions, there is a better way. 

Our Record on Demand solution reduces turn times and workflow steps in handling mortgage related documents. 

eRecording with Lien Solutions allows you to: 

  • Gain an audit log
  • Increase team efficiency and satisfaction
  • Receive recording information quickly
  • Gain insights across your portfolio 
  • Record on Demand 
  • Reduce county rejections. 

You need an easier way to create and manage assignments and releases. 

Download our flyer today, or give us a call at 1-800-833-5778, option 3 to get started today. 


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