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Automate a very labor-intensive review and assessment process for operational risk

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Assign risk management responsibility and accountability within the business

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Ensure a cost-effective, continuous assessment of risks

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Track various assignments towards successful execution

Capture and manage issues, losses, breaches, control failures

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Ensure updated and consistent delivery of policies and procedures

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Produce high-quality, accurate, comprehensive reports across your business

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Manage programs across the organisation, including audit findings, regulatory change, and other initiatives

Operational Risk Video
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OneSumX for Operational Risk is designed to meet the latest functional and technical challenges in operational risk management for the financial services industry.
OneSumX for GRC Functionality
OneSumX is modular, meaning you are licensed for the functionality you need immediately with the ability to expand to other areas as your risk management function matures.
OneSumX for GRC Functionality Product Overview
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