Help reduce variation in care with access to key support tools without interrupting your workflow

Consistent adoption of clinical decision support continues to be a significant challenge in healthcare delivery. In fact, research suggests that non-adherence to guidelines may lead to unnecessary diagnostics and suboptimal or even inadequate treatment.

It is estimated that about 30–40% of patients receive treatment that is not based on scientific evidence, and 20–25% receive treatments that are either not needed or potentially harmful.1

To support your busy clinicians with evidence-based guidance quickly and seamlessly when they make treatment decisions, you have options to integrate UpToDate Advanced in their workflow, when and where they need it.

Accessible and actionable, right within your workflow

We partner with major EHRs to integrate UpToDate Advanced content into your workflow. In addition to standard UpToDate integration options, we support deeper connections for select partners that would make UpToDate Advanced even more actionable, including:

  • Recommending relevant UpToDate Pathways based on patient context
  • Enabling easy documentation of decisions made using UpToDate Pathways

Contact us to learn more about how UpToDate Advanced can be integrated in your EHR.

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