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Medical knowledge doubles every few months.1 This rate of change, combined with the increased complexity of patient cases, makes it impossible for any healthcare professional to monitor and interpret all the latest evidence in order to make the most appropriate care decisions. You need a resource you can trust — every time, even as you navigate those complex cases — because every decision counts and every patient matters.

The most trusted knowledge resource of its kind

More than 2 million healthcare providers around the world choose UpToDate as their clinical decision support resource. It’s the only clinical decision support resource of its kind to be associated in studies with improved outcomes. Our physician authors and editors, recognized as leaders in their fields, present the evidence with insight and nuance and produce clear, actionable recommendations that help answer your clinical questions at the points of care.

Make decisions confidently, knowing you are supported by recognized experts in 25 medical specialties

Get to your answers quickly — when and where you need them to make the most impact

To understand the power of UpToDate, we encourage you to explore topics that matter to you.

Why UpToDate? Our customers share their stories
A clinical decision support resource proven to be associated with improved outcomes, the impact of UpToDate is supported through both the testimony of our loyal customers and an ever-expanding body of independent research.
  • Kanta-Häme Central Hospital
  • Swedish American Hospital
The main reason for purchasing UpToDate was the breadth of content. With UpToDate, physicians also get information and recommendations on rare cases where they don’t have as much experience.
Kari Mikkonen
UpToDate changes the way you practice medicine.
Pam Wetzel, MD
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