Use clinical evidence from leading experts to drive your business goals

Medical evidence changes rapidly, challenging your organization’s ability to remain current and make informed decisions. UpToDate delivers clinical evidence and insights to help you drive your business forward.

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Clinical insights for your unique business needs

UpToDate is the most widely used and trusted point of care decision support resource, blending the latest medical evidence with expert insights from physicians who are widely regarded as leaders in their field.

UpToDate is an indispensable resource to many clinicians because its depth, breadth and clear, actionable content helps them make the most appropriate evidence-based care decisions for their patients. For the same reason, healthcare businesses turn to UpToDate to help them successfully navigate a rapidly changing, increasingly complex healthcare landscape.

A trusted resource to support your business every day

Healthcare businesses — ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies to health plans and pharmacy benefit managers — keep UpToDate among their resources to help them drive business decisions. With real-world clinical evidence and insights, it reflects how medicine is practiced today. Even one piece of evidence from UpToDate may generate a big impact for your organization. You can turn to UpToDate to address key challenges, including:

  • Reviewing medical issues and treatment regimens during pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Researching epidemiology and treatment standards for diseases, evaluating the suitability of drugs for testing based on mechanism of action, and consulting evidence to inform clinical trials.
  • Supporting formulary and coverage tier development, researching adverse events related to specific therapies, and learning about conditions for which certain treatments and protocols are indicated and why.
  • Confirming providers are following recommended treatment regimens and gaining insight into creating treatment protocols to inform coverage decisions.
  • Providing physicians and other care providers on your team with a resource that supports their continuing medical education needs.
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