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A wide body of research concurs: Patients receive better care when their healthcare providers use UpToDate.

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More than 100 research studies demonstrate that widespread use of UpToDate is associated with improved outcomes and hospital performance.
See how UpToDate helps medical professionals deliver better care, improves patient and job satisfaction, and delivers ROI.

“UpToDate has been essential to my education and clinical practice for years. Dr. Burton Rose [founder] was a visionary and a trail blazer in medical app development for point of care access to medical information.”

Dr. Steven Bollipo, Director of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, and Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle, Australia

  • The UpToDate difference
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  • Having UpToDate is a win-win-win situation
[UpToDate] changes the way you practice medicine.
Pam Wetzel, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer
With the help of UpToDate, we were able to save a life.
Fardin Fazl, MD
We think that having UpToDate is a win-win-win situation. It’s a win for the patients, who get better care thanks to the clinical staff having access to the latest relevant information. It’s a win for clinicians and nurses, because they can rely on a trustworthy resource in their daily decision-making. And, ultimately, it’s a win for hospital management, who can see an improvement in the quality of care we provide as well as in overall patient satisfaction.
Seppo Ranta, MD, PhD
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