OneSumX IFRS 9 offers a solid framework combining lifecycle information on each individual financial instrument with a comprehensive set of IFRS 9 calculators. The resulting numbers are recorded in a transparent, traceable, and auditable contract level IFRS subledger. The solution supports regulatory disclosures from local supervisors across the globe and offers powerful reporting tools. These features are supported by a data management framework that can capture and store relevant contractual information, manage events and transactions, store IFRS calculations, generate accounting, and process up to the delivery of the disclosures.

IFRS 9 Buyers Guide
Breaking down IFRS 9 Implementation
The main features and capabilities that institutions should look for in identifying a solution that can support their IFRS 9-related needs, not only during the initial stages of adoption, but also well into the future.

OneSumX IFRS 9 provides support with classification and measurement.

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Pre-defined IFRS 9 classification business rules and a complete set of IFRS 9 compliant accounting schemes

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An amortized cost-calculation engine with built-in support for debt restructuring, below-market loans and a wide variety of product lifetime events

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Fair value measurement techniques

For impairment and expected credit loss (ECL) model support, the solution helps your team to:

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Develop and build an ECL model that needs to be run in multiple scenarios

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Apply expected credit loss calculators which can work with expert judgment or macroeconomic scenarios

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Track movements between any of the three stages on a portfolio and individual level

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Effectively manage disclosures under IFRS 7 and IFRS 9

The hedge accounting element of the regulation can be addressed using either IAS 39 or IFRS 9 principles, and our flexible solution enables both methods.

If the IAS 39 option is selected, the following features will be available for your team to leverage:

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Hedge designation

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Hedged risk calculations (both delta and full)

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Hedge effectiveness calculation

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Accounting adjustment calculators

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