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Medknow journals are the official publications of a number of leading societies and associations, and we deliver them to the association members. Our open-access policy increases the visibility of the journals’ content, reaching far more readers than paid-for journals. They are therefore the ideal place to advertise your products, services, or conferences.

In addition to print advertising, we offer a number of digital options including; banners on journal websites and email alerts, advertisements in journal apps, and dedicated email campaigns carrying your message to our database.

Advertising with Medknow journals will deliver your message to your target audience at a low cost of investment per view for both print and digital opportunities.

Journal reprints

Sponsored reprints, supplements, and customised projects

The most effective way to influence clinical decision-making is to provide credible evidence that your product works. Journal reprints provide scientific evidence that establishes the benefits of your products. This is the information on which healthcare providers base their recommendations for the patients they see every day.

Core responsibilities:

  • Offer commercial reprints to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing clients.
  • Coordinate with the Advertising and Marketing department to generate issue, supplement, and journal sponsorships.
  • Provide reprint services including articles, supplements, entire issue reprints, newsletters, monographs, and conference proceedings to your doctors on demand or for distribution at meetings.
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