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You’re committed to delivering consistent care, but each member of your staff brings different training, experience, and competency to the workplace.

When your patients receive inconsistent care, your reimbursable patient outcomes suffer. It’s been shown that reducing variability of care could save your facility anywhere from $50 million to $150 million annually.2

You need a way to provide consistent standards, training and resources to your nurses and other clinical staff across all settings.

Lippincott® Solutions helps you reduce variability of care in your organization.

The Lippincott Solutions product suite includes four essential integrated clinical decision support and learning tools that help you remove the obstacles to reducing variability of care and support enhanced competency at both the point of care and point of learning.

Through a combination of learning and care guidance, our suite of healthcare solutions gives your staff access to the best evidence-based knowledge and skills.

  • Regular evidence-based, expert updates allow for timely, efficient standardization of policies and procedures across your organization with customizable critical notes to integrate institutional policies, standards, and practices.
  • Accelerate your staff’s ability to find access to the most relevant, evidence-based answers during patient care across all institutional settings, ensuring consistency from unit to unit and between shifts.
  • Provide consistent teaching and reference materials for all educators and managers across the organization with assignable courses and course materials and the ability to track staff education and competency.
  • Ensure consistent compliance and optimal quality and safety outcomes through evidence-based safety and quality procedures, checklists, references, standards of conduct and training.
  • Decrease variability of practice for patient education across staff with standard patient teaching guidance and handouts.
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