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ComplianceFinanceApril 17, 2024

The value of recurring search

By: Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions staff

You cannot overstate the value of recurring search to protect your business interests. Recurring searches can help mitigate potential financial disasters.

Leverage the value of recurring search

In the finance world, whether the economy is great or turbulent, data plays a crucial role in helping businesses protect their interests. One of the services Search and Filing companies can provide is recurring search. While you are considering a major transaction, you complete a thorough investigation into the individual or company – you do your due diligence. However, due diligence doesn’t stop once you finalize the transaction.

Keeping abreast of factors that could affect your financial well-being, such as defaults on loans, bankruptcy filings, civil and criminal court cases, and other factors, helps protect your interests and allows you to mitigate negative fallout.

What is recurring search

Users across various platforms use a recurring search to protect their financial interests. The searches reflect different needs for specific industries or niches. In the financial and legal realms, they are usually transactional searches. Ongoing public records monitoring provides a public records report based on a user-chosen timeframe that shows when your interests – individuals or businesses you do business with – have new court cases, bankruptcies, and other red flags.

When you conduct a recurring search, you must allocate business resources for manual searches, which can take a lot of time—even weeks at a time, depending on several factors, including the extent of the search and the number of customers you have.

Recurring search is designed for asset-based lenders and combines the highest-grade due diligence with automated processes to alert you to liens that could threaten your portfolio. The alert tracker tool provides quick and easy identification and tracking of events that could adversely affect your business. It also makes it easier to review and share your findings.

Recurring searches locate court cases, bankruptcy filings, and UCC liens

Benefits of recurring search

Using recurring search for public records monitoring has many benefits, including:

  • Locating federal and state tax liens
  • Judgment liens
  • UCC liens
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Civil litigation at the county, state and federal levels
  • Contract disputes
  • Criminal prosecution at the county, state and federal levels

Recurrent search vs manually searching public records

While businesses can do their searches manually, there’s an extremely high risk of missing a red flag. Recurring search saves time and reduces the chance of missing a bankruptcy or a civil lawsuit that could jeopardize an asset in your portfolio.
The value proposition of recurring search includes efficiency and accuracy, timely updates and notifications, risk mitigation, and compliance. You can also customize and personalize recurring searches.

Leveraging recurring searches

In the digital era, the value of recurring searches has become patently obvious, especially during times of turmoil in the economy. Court searches find red flags before entering a business deal or transaction, and recurring searches ensure you see red flags in time to mitigate the situation.

You can leverage a recurring search to benefit your business in several ways, including:

  • Establishing search profiles for specific parameters related to the type of asset used as collateral or business transaction with another company or individual.
  • Use automated tools and services to minimize errors and missed red flags.
  • Set up searches for regular reviews.
  • Refine searches as needed.
  • Integrate recurring searches with workflow systems to streamline information retrieval and decision-making.

Enable informed decision-making and mitigate risk with recurring search

Recurring searches are indispensable tools for asset-driven companies, whether those assets are large equipment, tools, real estate, or other assets. When you can streamline your search processes, you stay informed about your portfolio and can significantly mitigate the risk involved with lending.

Recurring searches allow better access to information so you can make informed decisions throughout your relationship with each business client. The power of recurring search empowers businesses to benefit from the full power of public records monitoring and confidently navigate the complexities of the digital information landscape.

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