Every medication decision counts

Each decision you make about a medication is critical for the patient, whether you’re prescribing, dispensing, administering treatments, or helping patients to manage their conditions. The stakes are high: The annual cost associated with medication errors has been estimated at $42 billion globally, according to the World Health Organization. With evidence changing every day, you need referential drug information that is evidence-based, continually updated, and easily accessible at point of care for professionals across the care team, from physicians to nurses to pharmacists.

Providing clarity when you need it the most

Our drug reference solutions help you to reduce medication errors by providing clarity in the evidence you rely on—not just for the straightforward cases, but for the most complex. Whether you’re in a hospital or retail pharmacy, this helps your entire care team make confident decisions on the front lines and at the point of care. We do this through reliable content, developed by our multidisciplinary editorial team, that anticipates clinicians’ information needs when treating patients, and through technology that helps you connect to answers quickly.

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Quality of care, cost savings drive decision to switch
Northeast Georgia Health System chose Lexicomp over other drug reference resources, providing site-wide access to clinicians at 31 hospitals.
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Uniting the circle of care

In a hospital, care teams use different resources depending on their role. If these resources are not aligned, this can lead to confusion, unnecessary questions about treatments, and slower decision making when it matters most.

With Lexicomp, your drug information resource is carefully harmonized with the world’s leading clinical decision support resource, UpToDate, as well as with the embedded drug data of Medi-Span and patient engagement programs of Emmi. When your care team is drawing from a common playbook across their roles, this minimizes disconnects when supporting the patient, helps reduce care variability, and supports the patient throughout their care journey.

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