Improve office efficiency and patient safety with ePrescribing

Paper prescriptions are quickly becoming extinct in dental practices, and more states in the U.S. are passing or are moving toward an e-prescribing mandate. Lexicomp ePrescribe enables you to meet these requirements. An efficient, trustworthy e-prescribing system, powered by DoseSpot®, helps you communicate your patients' medications to the pharmacy while helping to prevent potentially dangerous drug-to-drug interactions, drug allergies, dosage errors, and other common prescription-writing mistakes. With an easy-to-use interface, Lexicomp® ePrescribe enables dentists to create and send prescriptions, including controlled substances, electronically to retail and mail-order pharmacies. This allows dentists to save a profile of all patient medications to create a convenient and lasting record.


Enhance patient safety and save time

  • Embedded dental decision support alerts warn you of potential medication errors such as drug interactions, drug allergies and possible inappropriate dosages
  • Prevents mistakes – offers relevant drug information before you send that prescription, plus you have a patient’s full medication history in front of you when you send the order

Dental-specific pharmacology information you need

  • Over 8,000 prescription drugs, OTCs, and natural products
  • Relevant monographs include dental-specific fields like Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions, Effects on Dental Treatment, and Dental Dosing
  • Tools like state-of-the-art lesion diagnosis aids, an unsurpassed drug interactions/drug allergy screener, and more
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Choose a package the best aligns with your needs
Some packages integrate Lexicomp drug information with electronic prescribing, providing easy access to dental pharmacology and drug interaction screening to help enhance patient safety without interrupting your prescribing workflow.  Explore our Lexicomp ePrescribe package options.
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Watch an overview of Lexicomp ePrescribe
In this video, you’ll see our easy-to-use interface, which enables you to create and send prescriptions electronically while saving a profile of all patient medications to create a convenient and lasting record.
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